Project: Newport Street Gallery, Lambeth

Delivering strong, robust solutions through Building Information Modelling (BIM), an open, collaborative way of working and a team that’s pushing back the boundaries of building services

Our commitment to BIM


BIM rendering of Newport Street Gallery

BIM is the future. The government thinks so. The best brains in the construction industry think so. And we think so too.

Accordingly, we have invested heavily in 3-D modelling software and in building up a modelling team with an exceptional level of expertise.

For some time we have also been following a BIM-based approach to project delivery. Simply using BIM software isn’t enough in itself. It needs to be accompanied by a highly integrated, collaborative way of working.

At all times we see ourselves as an integral part of the overall team and work closely with other members to iron out any problems at the pre-construction stage, to co-ordinate all activity and to undertake any necessary realignment or re-engineering before site work starts.

Research shows that BIM:

  • Eliminates up to 40% of unbudgeted charges

  • Reduces time to generate a cost estimate by 80%

  • Ensures cost estimate accuracy to within 3%

  • Saves up to 10% of a contract value through clash detection software

  • Reduces project time by up to 7%

Pushing back the boundaries of building services


At one time M&E services were a pretty narrowly defined area of activity.

Today, with the advent of advanced electronics, data networking and other developments, building services are increasingly taking on a bigger, more diverse role.

The Piggott & Whitfield team’s expertise demonstrates the changes that are taking place in the industry. Our skills extend to data network infrastructures, complete wiring and cabling solutions, fibre optics and IP surveillance systems as well as more traditional activities such as H&V and lighting systems.

By extending the scope of what we do and constantly updating our systems and software, we can offer our clients a range of services that fully match the needs of today’s construction sector.